Gusto™ Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit for a Yamaha G14, G16, G19, G22 (1995-2007)

by Gusto™
$ 299.95
Steel or Aluminum
Diamond Plate Upgrade
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MADE IN THE USA!! These kits are designed for safety and function and are constructed from the best materials. The frame is made entirely of powder coated steel or aluminum. They are lightweight, strong, and are rust resistant. The rear seat of this kit can seat two adults or it hinges down to create a flat bed for hauling cargo. Included is an all steel or aluminum single stamped plate foot rest. All hardware & instructions are included and the kit mounts into existing holes in the frame, no drilling required.
  • Extra long bed (folded down) made of Steel or Aluminum
  • Durable steel or aluminum construction, required mounting hardware, and steel mounting brackets (seats have steel mounting brackets regardless of material selection due to strength requirements)
  • Cushions use high-density plastic backer board instead of plywood to ensure long life.
  • Easy flip seat that can be used as a cargo bed when folded out.
  • Available in Black, White, Tan or Ivory
  • Hardware and instructions included.
  • Optional Safety Hand Rail and Trailer Hitch Available

Note: Aluminum Seat Kit is over 40% lighter than the Steel Seat Kit. Aluminum Kit will weigh less than 70 lbs total. The Aluminum material is not only lighter, but is ideal for areas near the ocean.

**This video feature the installation of the EZGO TXT model, other models may vary slightly**




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          • Does this fit a JG 5 model

            No, you have a G9 model Yamaha. The correct seat for your model can be found here:


          • Is the aluminum as strong as steel for the same weight? Can you use arm rest cup holders with this flip down seat? Also does rubber edges come with it to prevent rattling?


            The steel will be significantly stronger. If you install the cupholders so they are going outwards they should not interfere. There are rubber stoppers for rattling.

          • Will this seat work for a 2007 Yamaha G27 UMAX light duty?

            This only fits the Yamaha G14-22. It will not fit the G27.

          • does it come with roof struts

            No, this kit reuses your factory roof supports. They will attach on the top of our mounting trees included in the kit.

          • I have a 2013 YDREx3 will this seat fit my cart

            No, the seat designed for your Yamaha Drive cart can be found here:

          • Does the cart have to be lifted for this item?

            No, these seats are able to be installed on lifted or non-lifted carts.

          • I have a 2003 yahama. G22EY JU2-000101 Will the seat fit on it

            Yes, this seat is designed for your year and model Yamaha.

          • Hello, I have a 2001 Yamaha G16A (serial # JN6-610499). Will this work for me?

            Yes, this seat is designed to work on your cart.

          • I believe have I have 1995 Yamaha cart, serial number starts JN3. Will this seat fit? Thanks in advance.

            Yes, you have a G14 based on that serial number. This seat is designed to fit your model Yamaha.

          • I have a 2007 YDRE Yamaha. Will your flip seat fit this model?

            This seat will not work for your cart. You have a Yamaha Drive (G29) Model. Here is the link for the seat for your cart:

          • does the flip seat standard on all seats ?

            Yes, all of our rear seats we offer feature the flip.

          • I have a 97 Yamaha G 16 a or e golf cart will this fit it?

            Yes, this Gusto™ Yamaha G14, G16, G19, G22 Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit for All Year will work on your 1997 G16 cart.

          • I have a 2002 yamaha cart..which g number is it and which rear seat do i need

            Can you provide us with the first 3 digits of your serial number? Should be located in or near the glove compartment.

          • I have a 2015 yamaha golf car, what model is that g what?

            Hi, thanks for contacting us. If your cart is a 2015 Yamaha then you have the G29 (Drive) model. It should have "YDR" after "Model" on the ID plate. You will need the "G29 Drive" rear flip seat for your cart.