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Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.
Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.

RELiON Insight Lithium 48 Volt Golf Cart Batteries


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Lithium Power Refined.

We are excited to offer the premier line of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries designed for the golf cart world. Construction, design, intelligence, long life, and technical support set RELiON InSight Lithium batteries apart from the competition.

Each InSight battery is 48 volts and contains a 30 amp hour (AH) rating. The minimum required number of batteries to be installed in any cart is 2, providing a service rating of 48 volts and 60 amp hours (30 AH x 2 batteries) while being hooked up in a parallel connection. A 60 AH (two batteries) configuration will typically yield 20-35 miles of range depending on your driving style and terrain. A 90 AH (3 battery) configuration will normally yield a 30-50 mile range.

Installation is straightforward, weight savings substantial, performance optimal, and maintenance a thing of the past when upgrading your battery pack to RELiON InSight brand Lithium golf cart batteries. 

Insight batteries MUST be installed in Parallel connection, connecting in Series will VOID all warranties.

Each bundle includes:

  • InSight 48V Batteries (Quantity varies depending upon bundle selected)
  • Spacer Batteries (Quantity varies depending upon bundle selected)
  • RELiON Approved Delta-Q IC650 48V Charger pre-loaded with RELiON Lithium charging profile and appropriate charging plug.

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Quality from the inside out, the InSight Series is truly a lithium battery in a class of its own. InSight batteries feature a one-of-a-kind battery management system that is unlike any BMS on the market today. Intuitive software makes this SuperSmart BMS capable of managing more than just voltage. InSight's BMS uses an innovative algorithm that provides precision balancing between cells when connected in parallel. The intuitive software actively monitors and makes decisions based on what's occurring inside your batteries. Not only are InSight batteries smart, but they're also built to the highest quality standards. State-of-the-art components create a reliable lithium battery built to perfection.

Relion Insight Lithium battery logo.

The InSight 48V LiFePO4 battery was designed specifically to meet the power and energy needs in all types of golf cars, utility vehicles, AGVs and LSVs. It's a 48V 30Ah lithium battery that is a standard golf-sized battery, so there are no tray modifications needed. Not only does it fit like a glove, but the one-of-a-kind battery management system hosts an intuitive software, providing Bullseye Balancing™ between batteries, seamlessly manages regenerative currents and avoids unnecessary disconnects. Take advantage of the easy installation and precision performance that comes with the InSight 48V battery.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the number of InSight 48V batteries I need?

How many batteries you use, depends on your individual needs. Depending on the vehicle make, the terrain, the load in the vehicle, and driving style; 2, InSight batteries will provide 20 -35 miles and 3 will provide 30 -50 miles. For light usage, we suggest using 2 batteries whereas if you use your vehicle to play golf and get around your neighborhood, then you might want to try using 3 batteries. You can always add another battery to your vehicle if you decide you want even more range.

How do you install InSight 48V batteries?

InSight batteries are super easy to install. Because they are a GC2 size battery, they’re designed to fit perfectly in your golf car. Simply remove your old batteries, drop-in your new InSight batteries, connect them in parallel, connect the CAN cables that come with your battery then turn your batteries on via the wake-up button. There’s no tray modifications and no extra components needed. We do recommend you use our spacer batteries in the empty battery slots so you can use the existing battery hold down that come with your vehicle.

What are regen currents and why are they important?

Regenerative currents are currents that are provided to the battery like a charge current during breaking and/or for speed control. InSight batteries are unlike other lithium batteries in that they have the ability to manage these regen currents when they occur. InSight batteries are built with intuitive software to manage this, avoiding disconnects that occur in these scenarios.

Why do I need spacer batteries?

We recommend using our Battery Spacers to fill the empty battery spots so you can use the existing battery hold-down that comes in your vehicle. If you do not use our Battery Spacers, you must take precautions to ensure your InSight batteries are securely held down.

Questions & Answers

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  • I have a 2014 Club Car Precedent, I play 18 holes of golf 4-5 times a week. The course is somewhat hilly, what’s your recommendation for a conversion and is there anything I need to do to the cart to install the Lithium batteries? What is the cost to convert?

    An average 18 hole round of golf can be around 5-8 miles. Our 60 Ah combo, which includes (2) Relion Insight Lithium batteries, 4 spacer batteries, and a Relion-approved Delta-Q charger, will yield around 20-30 mile range on mainly even terrain. Obviously on a hilly golf course it would be slightly less, but adding more batteries will give you greater range. The actual conversion to Lithium is as simple as taking your old batteries out, setting your new batteries and spacers in, installing an OBC by-pass on your Precedent so your new charger can operate correctly, and hooking up your new batteries in parallel connection instead of series. You will then be ready to use your new system.

  • If I purchas the batteries why do I need the spacer batteries? I have a ACG California Roadster. I plan on using it as my main means of getting around. I might drive 40 to 50 miles a day.


    If you have a 48volt cart you have 6 (8) volt or 4 (12) volt batteries. Since these batteries are 48v each you would need 2,3, or 4 depending on the range you are looking for. The spacer batteries help keep the batteries from moving around.

  • I have a 2012 Club Car Precedent, I drive it a couple miles a day, the land is all flat; what’s your recommendation for a conversion and is there anything I need to do to the cart to install the Lithium batteries?

    For your application the two battery bundle would be more than adequate. The bundle we sell includes a new Relion approved charger as well. This new charger does require owners of Club Car Precedents to install an OBC (on board computer) bypass so the new charger can communicate properly with the new batteries. We include  detailed instructions on how to perform this relatively simple task and then you are ready to enjoy your new batteries and charger.

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