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Golf Cart Lug Nut Guide - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Lug Nut Guide

Christian Attlesey - Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager

Written by: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 3-5 minutes


Everything You Need To Know About Golf Cart Lug Nuts

You've got questions about your golf cart's lug nuts, and we've got answers! Here we will discuss some of the most common questions regarding golf cart lug nuts.

By the end of this article, you should understand everything you need to know about lug nut sizing and application. Let's go!

Do all golf carts have the same lug pattern?

All major golf cart manufacturers (EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, ICON, Star EV, and Gem Car) use the same lug nut pattern on their wheel hub.

The specific measurement for this lug pattern is 4 x 101.6mm (measured from the center of one stud to the center of an opposite diagonal stud) but is most commonly referred to as the 4 x4 pattern.

If you have a golf cart that the above-listed manufacturers did not make, it is probably safe to assume that your golf cart also has the 4x4 pattern, but you will want to confirm that before purchasing anything.

*Pro-Tip- Some hub caps may look like your golf cart has a 5 lug nut pattern but more often than not this is just the covering.

If you think you may have a 5 lug pattern, ensure you have removed all center caps/wheel covers.

Golf cart wheel bolt pattern example photo

Application: Any aftermarket golf cart wheel will fit on your wheel hub if you have a golf cart from the above manufacturers.

What size are golf cart lug nuts?

Lug nut sizing differs depending on what golf cart manufacturer they are going on. When we talk about lug nut "size," we are referring to the size and pitch of the existing threads on your wheel studs and inside the lug nut.

Let's break down each manufacturer's sizing below.

  • Club Car and EZGO use the "Standard" (SAE) lug nut. The sizing on the standard lug nut is 1/2 x 20.
  • Yamaha and Star EV use the Metric lug nut. The sizing on the Metric lug nut is 12mm x 1.25.
  • Gem Cars also use a Metric lug nut, but they have two different sizes. The most common lug nut for the Gem Car measures 12mm x 1.5, while the rare size measures 10mm x 1.5.

Application: Although just about any aftermarket wheel will work on your cart, lug nuts are manufacturer specific and require you to select the correct lug nut at purchase.

Different style lug nuts

Although golf cart lug nuts are a small part of the wheel, you have various options to help customize your look and ride.

  • The most common lug nut is the "Acorn" style lug nut. This lug nut works with standard sockets and looks the most similar to automotive lug nuts.
  • The second option you have is what is called "Spline" lug nuts. Spline lug nuts are a bit thinner than the acorn-style ones and often require a special socket or "key." These lug nuts work great with golf cart wheels with a small lug nut cavity that doesn't allow regular-sized lug nuts and sockets. Last but certainly not least is spiked lug nuts.
    • Spiked lug nuts are similar in size to the acorn-style lug nut but have a small "spike" that screws on the top side of the nut to add a unique look to your wheel.

    Bonus- Common Problems

    My lug nuts don't fit on my wheel/cart?

    If you find yourself in a situation where your lug nuts don't attach to your wheel hub, there are a few things you want to check. First, did you purchase the correct lug nuts?

    As discussed earlier in this post, golf cart manufacturers have different lug nut sizes and patterns.

    Check the sizing stamped on the side of the lug nut and confirm that this matches up to the size you need for your cart's manufacturer. The second thing to check is the size of your lug nut cavity.

    If you are having difficulty getting your lug nut down in the nook, or you can get it down but cannot get a socket to tighten it down, you may need to purchase a thin-walled socket or spline lug nuts.

    I can't remove the lug nuts from my golf cart.

    If your current lug nuts are stuck on your cart and you can't seem to get them removed, there are a few things to try.

    You can try spraying WD-40 or specialty lubricant into your lug nut space. If the problem with your lug nuts is rust built up on the bottom edge of the lug where it makes contact with the wheel hub, this may allow some rust to break up and get some movement on the lug nut.

    If that doesn't work, that would indicate you probably have some rust that has worked its way up into the lug nut threads. At that point, you will probably need an impact drill or something else that has a lot of power to get them loosened up.

    Hopefully, at this point, you have a much greater understanding of everything regarding lug nuts. For more top-notch information, check out our article on golf cart wheel FAQ's!

    You should be able to quickly and easily determine what size and style of lug nut you need when purchasing new wheels and tires. If you have questions, leave a comment below, and we will get you an answer. Until next time!


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    Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - June 29, 2023


    Thank you for your question! Yes, Yamaha lug nuts should still be installed and removed the same way (clockwise to tighten, counter-clockwise to loosen). The metric refers to the lug nut thread pitch. Please let us know if you have any other questions- thank you!

    Julius Wagner - June 29, 2023

    On a 2011 Yamaha Drive is the lug nut rotation still " Righty Tighty" or like the old Mopars that were “Lefty Lucy” on the left side of the vehicle?

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