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Golf Cart Wheels: Common Questions Answered - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Wheels: Common Questions Answered

Christian Attlesey - Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager

Written by: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 5-7 minutes


Although many people often refer to the whole wheel and tire assembly on their golf cart as "the wheel," technically speaking, the wheel is just the metal part of the assembly.

This article covers all the essential things you need to know about golf cart wheels, such as the types of wheels, golf cart wheel sizing and application, bolt pattern, lug nuts, and offsets.

By the article's end, you should be well-versed in everything pertaining to golf cart wheels and can impress your buddies at the clubhouse! Let's dive in!

Types Of Golf Cart Wheels

Golf cart wheels are available in two different materials: Steel and aluminum. 

Steel Golf Cart Wheels

Kenda Hole-N-1 Golf Cart Tire with black steel wheel

Steel golf cart wheels are most common as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) wheel and tire package on golf carts from the major cart manufacturers (EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, etc.)

As a result, they are often found on fleet golf carts (golf courses, resorts, etc.) and on golf carts that have been purchased and resold from these types of applications.

The most popular size for steel wheels is 8 inches in diameter, but there are a few 10-inch steel wheels out on the market.

Steel wheel and tire combos typically cost less than their aluminum counterparts due to decreased metal and manufacturing costs and the lower aesthetic value they provide. 

Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels

Apollo Aluminum Golf Cart Wheel

Aluminum golf cart wheelsare the most popular aftermarket golf cart wheel. They are the most commonly available in 10", 12", and 14" sizes, but 15" golf cart wheels are quickly growing in popularity.

Aluminum wheels are more expensive than steel wheels, but they provide greater visual appeal and are often available in more style options (Vampire, Venom, Tempest, and Matrix to name a few.)

If you have seen golf carts that have wheels with unique colors and styles- it's a safe bet they were aluminum. Another great benefit of aluminum alloy wheels is that they eliminate the risk of rust build-up over time.

Are your wheels in need of an upgrade? Check out our huge selection of pre-mounted golf cart wheel and tire combos!

Golf Cart Wheel Sizing and Application

As stated above, golf cart wheels are available in 8", 10", 12", 14", and 15" diameters. Once again, this refers only to the wheel itself and not the complete golf cart wheel and tire combo.

Golf Cart Wheel Sizing Diagram showing 8", 10", 12", 14" and 15" wheels

Let's break down how this sizing applies to your cart:

Goal- I want my golf cart to be as comfortable as possible and my ride experience to be smooth.

If you want a smoother ride with a more "cushioned" feel, you will want a smaller wheel for your golf cart- 8", 10", or 12". By purchasing a smaller wheel, you get more tire and air in your combo to provide extra cushion against bumps and minor road hazards. 

Golf cart wheel and tire combo with bigger tire sidewall

Goal- I want my golf cart to look the best it can!

If your goal is to ride in style and amplify your golf cart's look, then a larger wheel- 12", 14", or 15"- is the way to go. By putting a bigger wheel on your golf cart, less of the tire will be visible, allowing you to emphasize and focus on your selected wheel.

Golf cart wheel and tire combo with a thinner sidewall height tire

These wheel sizes and applications apply to both non-lifted and lifted golf carts. Please note that adding a lift kit to your golf cart can change how your cart drives and "feels" regardless of what wheel you choose.

Golf Cart Wheel Bolt Pattern

Golf cart wheel bolt patten photo

The standard golf cart wheel bolt pattern is the 4x4 bolt pattern. Technically the measurement is 4x101.6mm in diameter when measuring from the center of one wheel stud to the center of the opposite diagonal stud.

The 4x4 pattern is the bolt pattern found in all the major golf cart manufacturers. Keep in mind lug nut threads change between different golf carts. Use the information below to make sure you select the correct lug nuts for your golf cart:

  • Club Car | EZGO | Icon Golf Carts: Standard Lug Nuts (1/2x20 thread)

  • Yamaha | Star EV Golf Carts: Metric Lug Nuts (12mmx1.25 thread)

  • Gem Car Golf Carts: (12mmx1.5 OR 10mmx1.5 thread)

For more details about golf cart lug nuts, check out our lug nut guide!

Bonus- Are all golf cart wheels interchangeable?

Because the bolt pattern is the same, golf cart wheels are interchangeable across all major manufacturers (EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, ICON, Star EV).

Golf Cart Wheel Offset

On the back of every golf cart wheel (or automotive, for that matter), you will see the letter code "ET" stamped into it. The technical meaning behind "ET" is "einpresstiefe," a German word for insertion depth. The offset for golf cart wheels is almost always negative. A negative offset pushes the wheels and tires out from underneath your cart to help avoid rubbing that may occur on your golf cart's frame or suspension components. Positive offsets are uncommon for golf carts and should only be purchased cautiously, as this can cause issues with your cart's turning radius. Use the bullet points below for further information on how to read golf cart wheel offsets.

  • Negative Offset- A negative offset is symbolized with the "ET" symbol followed by a "-" and a number. For example, a negative 15 offset would be shown as "ET-15". This pushes your wheel and tire combo further out from underneath your golf cart.

  • Neutral Offset- A neutral offset mounts directly in the center of the wheel and would be characterized by the "ET" symbol followed by a "-0". This mounts your wheel and tire combo directly underneath your wheel hub.

  • Positive Offset- A positive offset would carry the "ET" symbol followed by the "+" sign and a number. For example, a positive 15 offset would be symbolized by "ET+15". This pushes your wheel and tire combo further underneath your golf cart.

Golf Cart Wheel OffSet Photo showing Negative, Neutral and Positive offset locations on a wheel

SS Golf Cart Wheels

Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific "SS Wheel" for golf carts. The SS is simply the lettering found on the most popular golf cart center caps placed in the center of golf cart wheels.

Golf Cart wheel and tire combo with an emphasis on the "SS" center cap

Because the center caps are so popular and are found on a wide variety of golf carts, this has led to the belief that there is an SS wheel. The good news is that all the wheels and tires we sell at Golf Cart Stuff are from top-rated manufacturers and come with SS center caps!

Need help with golf cart tires? Check out our related post on our golf cart tire frequently asked questions!

Well at this point you should understand just about everything of importance regarding golf cart wheels. If you have any questions make sure to reach out to us or even better, put your questions in the comments below.  See you next time!


Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager Christian AttleseyChristian Attlesey is the Marketing Manager here at Golf Cart Stuff™, and, in addition to the marketing department, he oversees our website and advertising responsibilities.

...You probably know him as the humorous & relatable host of our YouTube channel!

Prior to taking on marketing, however, Christian honed his industry knowledge as our Customer Service Manager. Fast-forward to present day: it’s his mission to deliver the best and most current products, resources, and overall expertise to Golf Cart owners everywhere.


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greg - June 28, 2023

The tires I have on right now are 22×11-10, I would like to go to a street tire, what should I look for? is there different numbers to look for example 205/50-10?

Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - March 28, 2023


Thank you for your question! Club car golf carts can install any wheel and tire combo that maxes out at 18" in overall diameter. Anything above that will require you to install a lift kit. For the easiest selection, check out our non-lifted Club Car wheel and tire page. Please let us know if you have any other questions- thank you!


Frank - March 28, 2023

I have a second golf cart for spare ,club cart president . It has standard 8” wheels with hub caps please steer me to a size wheel and tire combo size that I can order and install without any alterations as I already own a new lifted custom cart. I actually would like to order wheels that are close to mine in looks

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