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Golf Cart Safety | Your Ultimate Guide for a Smooth Ride

Golf Cart Safety | Your Ultimate Guide for a Smooth Ride

Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Writer
Amber Ripley
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Alright, let's talk golf carts – these nifty little eco-friendly, customizable vehicles that have become everyone's new favorite way to roll around. But, we're not talking upgrades today, not exclusively at least. Today, we need to talk about golf cart safety.

"It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt"

With the worldwide surge in golf cart popularity, an unfortunate spike in golf cart injury accidents has followed. Some involving reckless golf cart operators, and others involving negligent regular vehicle drivers... but what has us the most concerned are the increased number of accidents involving inexperienced, underage drivers - the kiddos. We're talking about more than 6,500 accidents involving kids every 👏 single 👏 year 👏

Golf Cart Safety Officer

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Seriously, though, whether you're new to the world of street-legal golf carts, or you've been here since golf carts had three wheels, this article will serve as either an introduction or a refresher for all the ways to stay safe on your adventures.

Today's article is in three sections: 

1. General Golf Cart Operating Safety Tips 
2. Golf Cart Safety Features and Accessories
3. Sharing the Road with Regular Vehicles


General Golf Cart Safety

Playing it Safe in a Golf Cart

  1. Adhere to Weight Limits: Golf carts are designed to carry a specific number of passengers and a limited amount of cargo. Exceeding these limits can lead to instability and increased risk of tipping over.

  2. Seat Belts and Restraints: Many modern golf carts come equipped with seat belts or restraint systems. Ensuring that all passengers are securely fastened when the cart is in motion significantly reduces the risk of injury during sudden stops or sharp turns.

  3. Age Restrictions: Allow only individuals of appropriate age to operate golf carts. Children should not be allowed to drive or operate golf carts without adult supervision.

  4. Appropriate Speeds: Golf carts are not meant for high speeds. Maintain a safe and reasonable speed, especially when navigating corners or uneven terrain.

  5. Avoid Sharp Turns: Sharp turns can lead to tipping. Always take turns at a moderate speed and maintain a proper balance within the cart.

  6. Stay Seated: Do not stand or allow passengers to stand while the cart is in motion. Seated passengers are less likely to be thrown from the cart in case of sudden stops.

  7. Be Cautious on Inclines: Ascending steep inclines can lead to instability, while descending them can cause the cart to accelerate uncontrollably. Approach inclines with caution and maintain a steady speed.

  8. Avoid Distractions: Just like when driving a regular vehicle, distractions can lead to accidents. Stay focused on the road and your surroundings.

EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha Golf Car, ICON, GEM, and other Golf Cart/LSV Manufacturers all have their own unique safety features; some mechanical and some external. We encourage you to read your owners manual thoroughly, and reach out to clarify any questions you have, so that you can be confident in the functionality of your golf cart in any scenario.

 Safety Accessories for Golf Carts

Safety Swagger

  1. Lights, Lights, Baby: Add some headlights, taillights, and blinkers to your ride for some serious visibility bling, especially when the sun's clocked out.

  2. Honk if You're Safe: A horn isn't just for letting everyone know you've arrived – it's a handy way to make your presence known and dodge potential crashes.

  3. Shine Bright with Reflective Swag: Stick some reflective stickers on your ride to make it glow in the dark. It's like a disco party on wheels, and it keeps you safe.

  4. Mirror, Mirror, On the Cart: Mirrors aren't just for checking if your hair's on point. They help you see what's happening behind you, keeping surprises at bay.

  5. Strap Up, Buttercup: If your golf cart isn't strapped with seat belts, consider getting them installed. Safety first, even when you're living that golf cart dream.

Street-Legal Golf Carts ⬅️ What to Know and What You Need

Safety between Golf Carts and Cars

Regular Vehicle Responsibilities

How can folks driving regular cars drive more safely around golf carts? When you're sharing the road with those zippy little carts, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep Your Distance - Give those golf carts some breathing room. They're not in a rush like your typical speedster, so no need to ride their tail or zip around them. Just hang back and keep things chill. Being patient goes a long way.

  2. Watch Those Turns - When you're making turns at spots like intersections or driveways, remember that golf carts have a tighter turning game. Don't cramp their style – give 'em some space to do their thing and avoid cutting them off.

  3. Slow Down, Speed Racer - In places where golf carts are the stars of the show, show some love by sticking to the speed limits. Ease up on the gas pedal and match your pace to the vibe of the area.

  4. Eyes on the Crosswalks - When you're cruising towards a crosswalk, stay sharp. Golf carts might be crossing, and pedestrians too. Take a breather, yield to them, and let everyone cross with peace of mind.

Golf Cart Safety Upgrades for EZGO Club Car and Yamaha Golf Car

Ride On, Safe Driver!

Golf carts might be the new cool, but safety is OG. The recent buzz about increased accidents is a reminder that being a responsible rider is, indeed, a big deal.

By keeping your cart specs in check, strapping in with those seat belts, and not driving like you're auditioning for a Fast & Furious movie, you're already on the right track. And when you're cruising alongside regular cars, remember to play it smart – signal your moves, stick to the rules, and keep your cool.

If you're into jazzing things up, there's a whole world of super cool accessories that make golf cart safety look pretty darn good. 

With a blend of fun and safety, you'll be a local golf cart superstar, making waves without making a mess. Stay safe and keep that golf cart grin going!


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