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Golf Cart Tire List: Load And Speed Rating - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Tire List: Load And Speed Rating

Christian Attlesey - Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager

Written by: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 5-7 minutes

Last Update: 1/18/23


If you've been curious about how fast your golf cart wheels and tires can go and how much weight they can carry, look no further!

We've put together this list of some of the most common golf cart tires and their corresponding service description.

To quickly recap, the service description covers both a tire's load rating index and speed rating. This small string of digits consisting of a number and letter (example: 71N) can tell you quite a bit about your golf cart tire.

Speedometer and weight

In this post, we are listing out common golf cart tires and their load and speed ratings. To make things easier to understand, we grouped our tires in ascending order based on their load index and made sure to include their speed rating as well.

Make sure you read to the end to get helpful tips on how to use this information along with some other helpful posts.

Golf Cart Tire Name
Load Rating (Speed Rating)
Arisun Cruze 205/30-14 57 (F)
Sierra Rover Radial 20/10-R12 57 (J)
Arisun Lightning All-Terrain 20/10-10 58 (J)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 20/10-12 58 (J)
Excel AT Trail Off-Road 23/10-14 60 (J)
Arisun Lightning All-Terrain 23/10-14 63 (J)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 23/10-14 64 (J)
Sierra Rover Radial 23/10R-14 64 (J)
Arisun Lightning All-Terrain 23/10-12 65 (J)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 23/10-12 65 (F)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 22/11-12 65 (J)
Wanda 205/35R Street/Turf 65 (J)
Arisun Cruze 215/35-12 66 (F)
Excel Classic Street/Turf 205/35-15 66 (J)
Excel Endura 205/50-10 66 (N)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 22/11-10 66 (J)
Arisun Cruze 205/50-10 67 (F)
Arisun X-Sport 205/50-10 67 (J)
Wanda 205/50-R10 Steel Belted Radial 67 (M)
Arisun Cruze 205/65-10 68 (F)
Excel Street Fox Radial 20/10R-10 68 (J)
Wanda 215/35/14 Street/Turf 68 (N)
Arisun Cruze 215/50-12 70 (F)
Excel Endura 215/40-12 70 (N)
Wanda 215/40-12 Street/Turf 70 (N)
GTW Nomad Steel Belted Radial 20/10-R12 71 (J)
GTW Nomad Steel Belted Radial 22/11-R12
71 (J)
GTW Nomad Steel Belted Radial 23/10-R14
71 (J)
GTW Nomad Steel Belted Radial 23/10-R15
71 (J)
Wanda Steel Belted Radial 215/40-R12 71 (N)
Excel 20/10-R12 All-Terrain 72 (J)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 18/9.5-10 72 (J)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 20/10-12 72 (J)
Wanda All-Terrain 20/10-12 73 (B)
Wanda GFX Street 23/10-12 73 (J)
Arisun X-Trail Off-Road 20/10-10 74 (F)
Excel Sahara Classic Off-Road 18/9.5-8 74 (J)
Kenda Loadstar Comfortride 205/65-10 77 (M)
Wanda Comfortride 215/50-12 78 (N)
Arisun X-Trail Off-Road 23/10-14 79 (F)
Excel Endura 205/30-14 79 (N)
Arisun X-Trail Off-Road 22/11-10 82 (F)
Excel AT Trail Off-Road 23/10-12 93 (J)
Arisun X-Trail Off-Road 23/10.5-12 100 (F)


Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Application

As we discussed in our article about reading and understanding a golf cart tire service description, although these numbers can be helpful, they aren't crucial. A golf cart typically travels at speeds that make the speed rating and load much less important than say a car or trailer.

Close-up of a car speedometer

In addition, there are many other factors that can be at play when deciding on which golf cart wheel and tire combo to purchase, such as tread design, wheel size, etc. A golf cart tire's load index and speed rating should be used as a helpful addition to these other factors.

If you are in the market for new tires because your old ones are bald, make sure you ensure that the problem isn't your golf cart's alignment. For more help check out our article on how to get your golf cart aligned properly.

Another important point to note is that this list does NOT exhaust all the tires that you can purchase for your golf cart. There are many golf cart tires that don't have speed or load ratings on them.

This lack of ratings does not indicate a defective tire or an "issue" with the tire. Getting a tire tested and rated for speed and load is another cost for tire manufacturers that would inevitably be passed down to customers.

Golf cart wheel and tire combination with off-road tires

<--- Need something new to spin on? Click the wheels and tire combo on the left to see all our wheels and tires!

Hopefully, this list was helpful for you! If you have any questions, post them in the comments below reach out to us and we would be glad to help!

Bonus- What About Golf Cart Tire Ply Ratings?

photo of layers stacked on each other

A golf cart tire's ply rating and load rating are two features that inform one another.

Essentially, the ply rating of a tire is what determines its load capacity. It is important to note, that exactly like automotive tires a golf cart tire's ply rating does not specify exactly how many layers were used during the tire's construction but is a stand-in metric to get a general idea of how strong a tire is compared to previous tires.

Lastly, you need to understand that an increase in a tire's ply rating increases its load capacity as well as its stiffness. What does that mean? Lower ply rating = softer ride. Higher ply rating = stiffer/more rough ride. Think about where you most often drive your golf cart and use that as a determining factor about what kind of ply/load rating you need. 

Are your golf cart tires all worn out and need to be replaced? Check out our selection of golf cart tires that we can ship right to your door!


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