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Golf Cart Tire Speed Rating Chart (Plus Load Rating) - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Tire Speed Rating Chart (Plus Load Rating)

Christian Attlesey - Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager

Written by: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 5-7 minutes


Golf cart wheels and tires are some of the most essential components on your golf cart. They play a massive role in your golf cart's ride quality and performance and can really impact how much you enjoy driving it.

Considering their importance, people often question and debate what tires and wheels they should add to their golf carts. These questions often revolved around golf cart tire sizing, what tread they should have, and what tire will perform the best.

Another question people often have is regarding golf cart tire speed and load ratings, also known as the tire service description. As golf carts continue to get faster and faster, these two pieces of information become more critical.

To help get you the most up-to-date information, we created the following charts for golf cart service descriptions. Let's take a look!

Golf Cart Tire Speed and Load Rating: How To Read The Numbers

On golf cart tires with speed and load ratings, you will find a number and letter combination close to the tire size write-up (ex. 205/30-14). Make sure you distinguish the speed and load rating number from the DOT number, which is something separate.

The DOT number will typically have "DOT" written right before it and will have a longer string of numbers and letters.  See below for some examples of the tire service description on some tires we have here in the shop.

Golf cart tire service location 1
golf cart tire service description location 2

When looking at the numbers and letters: the number represents the tire load rating, while the letter represents the speed rating.

So, for example, a tire that has a speed and load rating of 71N would have a load rating of 71, and a speed rating of N. Use the charts below to determine what the numbers correspond to:

Golf Cart Tire Load Rating Chart

Pro-Tip: These charts apply to automotive tires as well!

Load Index
50 419 lbs.
51 430 lbs.
52 441 lbs.
53 454 lbs.
54 467 lbs.
55 481lbs.
56 494 lbs.
57 507 lbs.
58 520 lbs.
59 536 lbs.
60 551 lbs.
61 567 lbs.
62 584 lbs.
63 600 lbs.
64 617 lbs.
65 639 lbs.
66 639 lbs.
67 677 lbs.
68 694 lbs.
69 716 lbs.
70 739 lbs.
71 761 lbs.
72 783 lbs.
73 805 lbs.
74 827 lbs.
75 853 lbs
76 882 lbs.
77 908 lbs.
78 937 lbs.
79 963 lbs.
80 992 lbs.
81 1019 lbs.
82 1047 lbs.
83 1074 lbs.
84 1102 lbs.
85 1135 lbs.
86 1168 lbs.
87 1201 lbs.
88 1235 lbs.
89 1279 lbs.
90 1323 lbs.
91 1356 lbs.
92 1389 lbs.
93 1433 lbs.
94 1477 lbs.
95 1521 lbs.
96 1565 lbs.
97 1609 lbs.
98 1653 lbs.
99 1709 lbs.
100 1764 lbs.
101 1819 lbs.
102 1874 lbs.
103 1929 lbs.
104 1984 lbs.
105 2039 lbs.
106 2094 lbs.
107 2149 lbs.
108 2205 lbs.
109 2271 lbs.
110 2337 lbs.


If you are looking to add new wheels and tires to your golf cart, check out our full lineup of pre-mounted wheel and tire combos!

Golf Cart Tire Speed Rating Chart

Speed Rating Symbol Maximum Speed
A1-A8 <25 mph
B 31 mph
C 37 mph
D 40 mph
E 43 mph
F 50 mph
G 56 mph
J 62 mph
K 68 mph
L 75 mph
M 81 mph
N 87 mph
P 94 mph
Q 100 mph
R 106 mph
S 112 mph
T 118 mph
U 124 mph
H 130 mph
V 149 mph
ZR Above 168 mph
W 168 mph
Y 186 mph
(Y) Above 186 mph


As noted by BF Goodrich, speed ratings account for more than just how fast you can go. Speed ratings also refer to ride comfort and the wear and tear of the tire. A higher speed rating will typically correlate with better grip and stopping power but less lasting tread life.

Looking to replace your old tires? We've got a wide selection of new golf cart tires just waiting for you!

What Does This Mean For Your Golf Cart?

Question mark

Now that we've looked at the numbers, there are a few things you need to know about golf cart tire speed ratings:

First, only some tires will have a speed or load rating. This lack of a rating doesn't indicate an issue or a problem with the tire; it just means it has yet to go through the testing required to receive those ratings.

As we have stated in other articles about golf cart wheels and tires, for golf carts, speed and load ratings aren't as important as they are in automotive tires that need to be able to handle excessive speeds.

As a result, in our opinion, the speed or load rating of various golf cart tires shouldn't be the sole factor in determining which wheel and tire combo to buy.

Speaking of buying... If you need help figuring out what tires are best for you and your cart, check out our guide for purchasing new tires for your golf cart!

However, that leads us to our second point: these ratings do give you some indication of the performance you can expect from your tires. Especially if you have a high-performance cart that can travel at speeds more than 20 mph.

So it is information worth knowing- even if it isn't the main factor in purchasing new golf cart wheels and tires.

When purchasing a new wheel and tire combo for your golf cart, it is best to look at the whole picture.  Things like the terrain you most often drive on, wheel and tire combo overall height, the tire tread, etc. also play a major role.

Thinking through the tire speed and load ratings, along with these other factors should give you a well-rounded picture of what is best for you and your golf cart.

Want to learn more about tire service descriptions? Check out our other post on various golf cart tires and their load and speed ratings.

Bonus- If my tire is rated for over 70 mph, I can use it on the highway right?

Technically yes, but...

That still isn't a great idea. Most golf cart tires will have printed on their sidewall something to the effect of "Not Rated For Highway Use". We recommend not taking your golf cart to automotive speeds with regular golf cart tires. The small exception to that rule may be steel-belted radial golf cart tires which are about as close to automotive tires as you can get.


Well everyone, hopefully that gave you some top-notch information that you can use when purchasing your next set of golf cart tires. If you have any further questions relating to anything about your golf cart put them in the comments below and we will make sure we get back to you.  Until next time!


Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager Christian AttleseyChristian Attlesey is the Marketing Manager here at Golf Cart Stuff™, and, in addition to the marketing department, he oversees our website and advertising responsibilities.

...You probably know him as the humorous & relatable host of our YouTube channel!

Prior to taking on marketing, however, Christian honed his industry knowledge as our Customer Service Manager. Fast-forward to present day: it’s his mission to deliver the best and most current products, resources, and overall expertise to Golf Cart owners everywhere.


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