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Free Shipping On Every Order? You Bet!
Lighting the Path: The Best LED Lights for Your Golf Cart

Lighting the Path: The Best LED Light Kits for Your Golf Cart

Updated December 2022

If you've got a stock golf cart, odds are that one of the first accessories you will want to add are lights. It's time to add lights to your golf cart. But where do you begin? 

LED Golf Cart Lights - The Best & the Brightest

First and foremost, it is crucial that you only consider LED golf cart light kits when shopping for your ride. LED (or, light-emitting diode) bulbs are brighter than their halogen ancestors, around 80% more energy efficient, last longer, and don't heat up, clearly leaving these as the superior choice. 

Though LED golf cart lights (and LED lights in general) tend to cost more up front, the savings add up quickly, making these the lights of the future.

Golf Cart Lights for Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha

The next most significant deciding factor in purchasing an LED light kit is knowing the correct make, model and year of your golf cart.

Between Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts, differently shaped headlights mean that not every option is cross-compatible. To learn about the best LED lights for your golf cart, look below for a comprehensive breakdown of what kit will work best for your vehicle.

Are you having problems with your current golf cart lights? Check this quick article for some common reasons golf cart light won't work.

EZGO LED Light Kits 

For drivers of EZGO carts, we have kits that are compatible with TXT, Freedom, Valor, and S4 vehicles. However, kits can also vary within models based on the year they were built. For example, dimensions are slightly different between an EZGO TXT golf cart built in 1996 and a TXT built in 2014. 

A basic light kit works excellently if you need head and taillights but aren’t worried about whether they have all the extra safety features to deem them 'street-legal.' Deluxe light kits, on the other hand, include the same headlights and tail lights, with the addition of turn signals and a horn, providing the necessary safety options for street-legal golf carts.

We've provided a list of quick links below to navigate you directly to the right product for you!

EZGO Light Kits by Model Year 

TXT (1996 thru 2013)
Basic / Deluxe Street Legal

Basic / Deluxe Street Legal

TXT Valor / TXT (2014 and up)
Deluxe Steet Legal

TXT Valor Freedom (2014 and up)

Express S4 (2015 and up)
Deluxe Street Legal

Club Car Golf Cart Light Kits 

As a pioneer in the golf cart world, Club Car has held true to many of its original designs, so some modern light kits will fit models dating back to 1982.

*New in 2022 -  Club Cart Tempo RGB LED Deluxe Headlights! Of course these are the all-popular LED technology, but with the addition of app-controlled customizable RGB lights to sync to music, or pulse in any color combination you can imagine! 

Similar to the other golf cart light kits, there are kits for basic lighting and street-legal kits for carts on the go.

Club Car LED Light Kits by model and year:

DS (1982 and up)
Basic / Deluxe Street Legal

Tempo (2018 and up)
Ultimate Street Legal / Deluxe Street Legal RGB

Basic / Deluxe Street Legal

Yamaha Golf Cart LED Light Kits

Yamaha lights work across multiple rides. For example, one of our kits works on G14, G16, G19, and G22 carts.

Of course, we have basic and street-legal options to suit your particular needs.

Yamaha Golf Cart LED Lights by model and year:

Yamaha Drive G29 (2017 thru 2016)
Basic / Deluxe Street Legal

Yamaha G14, G16, G19, G22
 / Street Legal

Yamaha Drive 2 (2017 and up)
Basic / Deluxe Street Legal
Madjax Ultimate Street Legal

Golf Cart Rooftop Lights (*Bonus!*)

Besides headlights, you can also install rooftop lights for extra visibility at night. You can install a 12-volt universal rooftop lights on any golf cart, so that you don’t need to worry about finding something to fit your specific ride. Installation is a breeze and you'll be lighting the path in no time!

Golf Cart Headlights for Every Cart 

Installing the best LED lights for your golf cart is a no-brainer for drivers who expect the best out of their vehicles.

No matter what kind of golf cart you have or which style golf cart lights you want to add to it, trust that Golf Cart Stuff has you covered with a catalog full of intentionally selected premium grade products.

Leave a question or comment in the discussion area below, and don't forget to send us photos of your cart with its new headlights installed. You can email, text us anytime, or just tag us on social media.  

For more answers to the most frequently asked golf cart lights questions, 

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