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3 Reasons Your Golf Cart Lights Don’t Work

3 Reasons Your Golf Cart Lights Don’t Work

Your cart’s headlights allow you to see obstacles in your way after the sun goes down, enabling safer driving and preventing accidents. But this only works when everything operates as intended. There are several reasons why your golf cart lights don’t work. Be aware of the causes preventing you from lighting up the night. Service your cart the moment you notice anything wrong with it.

Blown-Out Fuses

One of the most common causes of faulty golf cart lights is blown-out fuses. These fuses facilitate the transfer of electricity throughout the many systems your cart has, whether that’s the steering, radio, or AC. When the fuses to the headlights break, that flow of electricity can’t reach the headlights, preventing them from turning on.

Early Sign of Degrading Fuse

Typically, cart owners will notice their headlights dim or flicker; this is a common symptom of a failing fuse. When you notice this, it’s time to service the fuses and replace them when necessary. Allowing them to degrade even further will only increase the likelihood of a total breakdown, leaving you without light when you may need it the most.

Malfunctioning Headlight Switch

Your golf cart’s headlight switch can fall prey to non-functionality. The fuses may be pristine, and the headlights brand new LEDs, but if the switch breaks, there’s no way to enable the electricity to operate the lights. While a fuse transfers the energy, the switch allows the electricity to travel; once it can no longer open the floodgates, no power goes to the bulbs.

Faulty Headlight Circuits

Another of the typical reasons why your cart’s lights don’t work can be due to faulty circuitry. This is common when the electrical systems experience a huge overhaul, where the mechanic guts the system to upgrade or adjust it. Extensive reworking can result in faulty connections and insufficient power output throughout the whole of the cart.

Double-Check the Work

After an electrical upgrade, if you start noticing anomalies in the power output of some systems, you’ll need to take it back to the mechanic. It can be easy for professionals to miss one or two minor details when rebuilding the electrical circuit, so don’t wait for immediate service.

Always Have What You Need

Make sure that your cart functions exactly as intended; allowing it to fall into disrepair will only inconvenience you. Look into Yamaha golf cart parts and accessories to improve the quality of your cart and ensure it has everything it needs to operate safely and reliably.

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Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - September 13, 2022


Thank you for reaching out! Yes, from what you are describing, there is more than likely either a faulty ground or faulty connection somewhere in the line. Typically, if you had a major issue such as a faulty voltage reducer or something like that, your lights would not work at all. Due to the fact that they work intermittently, there is probably a connection that is not secure. Let us know if you have any other questions! Thanks George!

George L Johnson - September 13, 2022

My Club Car lights work intermittently. I replaced the light switch, but the problem still exists. My guess is a faulty grounding in the circuit? The cart is in Florida and maybe there is corrosion in the wire connection?

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