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Tips for How To Wire Golf Cart Lights

Tips for How To Wire Golf Cart Lights

Sometimes DIY projects are rather fulfilling. We’ve all gotten so used to hiring experts to do things for us, we’ve missed out on the satisfaction of completing something ourselves. If you want to get your hands dirty, take on a project that will make your golf cart safer, like switching out the light system. Here are some crucial tips for how to wire golf cart lights that you should read before starting. These helpful points will make the process easier and limit the likelihood of accidents.

Beginning Steps

The first thing you should do before installing a new light kit on your golf cart is to unplug the original source. You must unplug the negative terminal connected to the battery to ensure safety. Once everything’s been unplugged, think about where you want to place the headlights on your cart. It might be a good idea to have someone with you while you do this, so they can tell you whether you’re in the right position.

What’s Next?

After you unplug the negative terminal, it’s time to decide where you want to place the toggle. The toggle is the switch that allows you to turn on the light kit—much like the headlights, positioning matters here, too. Again, it doesn’t hurt to have a second pair of eyes as you’re drilling the hole so that everything is straight.

Next, you need to get some wires to start connecting. You need a wire to connect to the positive terminal and a gauge wire to connect to the toggle. Talk to an expert manufacturer before getting these wires, so you know you’re acquiring the right equipment.

Final Points

The final tip for how to wire golf cart lights is to secure everything. Place the correct wires in the hole you drilled earlier. Then, grab some tape to secure every wire. Finally, plug in the negative terminal and flip the toggle switch to see if the lights turn on. If headlights beam the path in front of you, you’re golden.

Anyone who wants to take on this job themselves should contact Golf Cart Stuff. Not only do we have superior light kits that will make everything easier, but we also have golf cart back seat kits that give your ride the upgrade it needs. We value customer service above everything else. We will always be transparent with you and we’ll never try to sell you anything you don’t need.

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