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Free Shipping On Every Order? You Bet!
How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Lights

How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Lights

Golf carts are such versatile vehicles. Owners can drive them around the neighborhood or certain resorts. Those who live near a course can even take their carts with them for a round of golf. It’s an owner’s responsibility to ensure their carts stay in working order. Thus, individuals must clean these rides regularly and replace parts when necessary. This guide on how to choose the best golf cart lights will help anyone in need of a replacement.

LEDs are the way to go

LEDs are the best option for golf cart lights. LEDs last much longer than fluorescent lightbulbs. This means owners won’t have to change their lighting kits as often. LEDs are also incredibly bright. Brightness is essential when selecting lights for a golf cart because it improves safety when driving at night. Golf Cart Stuff has an expansive collection of golf cart LED lights for anyone in the market. We offer various light kits that increase safety and improve the cart’s overall look.

Is a voltage reducer required?

All golf carts are designed to operate on 12 volts maximum. Any additional voltage will damage the batteries and wiring of the cart. Unfortunately, some light kits have a higher voltage than that. So, owners need to purchase something called a voltage reducer to combat this. These devices are typically easy to install and find. Yet, they’re vital to a cart’s overall performance and drive.


Another tip on how to choose the best golf cart lights is to consider user-friendliness. Owners should look for light kits that come with a switch that’s easy to turn on and off. The last thing someone wants is to accidentally leave the lights on overnight and ruin their cart’s batteries. People are less likely to forget if the process is rather simple. Folks should also mull over the idea of installation. Golf Cart Stuff provides detailed instructions with every light kit to make the process easier for people.

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