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How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Lights - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Lights

Updated December 2022

Golf Carts are such versatile vehicles. They can be driven through town, around neighborhoods and resorts, you can even take your own cart to a nearby golf course for a round of golf.

To operate your golf cart anywhere you want, you must first assume the responsibility of getting around safely. A critical component to safety is visibility. Golf Cart Lights serve a dual purpose in assisting the driver to see the road in front of them, as well as assisting other drivers to be aware of your presence on the road.

Today's Golf Cart Lights even come in Deluxe or Street-Legal varieties to include brake lights, turn signals, and a horn for added safety features, all within in the same product.

Hello, LED... Goodbye, Halogen

When Golf Cart Lights came to the market, LED's weren't even being used for vehicle lighting yet. So, at the time, halogen lights were widely used. They were able to transform an otherwise daytime-only use golf cart into an all-hours buggy! 

Fast-forward to current day... LEDs (or, light-emitting diodes) are, hands down, the best option for golf cart lights. LEDs last much longer than fluorescent lightbulbs, meaning owners won’t have to change out their light kits as often. LEDs are also incredibly bright. Brightness is essential when selecting lights for a golf cart because it improves safety when driving after dusk.

Golf Cart Stuff™ has a wide variety of light kits from the most basic rooftop light bar to full Street Legal Light Kits that include turn signals and a horn!   

Is a voltage reducer required?

Golf carts are designed to operate on 12 volts of power. Additional voltage will damage the batteries and/or the wiring of the golf cart.

Light kits will often come with a higher voltage than 12V, so golf cart owners need to purchase a voltage reducer to equalize the excessive voltage.

These devices are typically easy to install and find. Yet, they’re vital to a cart’s overall performance and drive.

*Fun Fact: Golf Cart Stuff™ Instamatic™ Light Kits with Flexvolt™ technology operate on any cart between 12 and 48V without the need for an external voltage reducer! 

User-Friendly from Installation to Operation 

Our final tip on how to choose the best golf cart lights is to consider how user-friendly the process will be. From installing in your garage to lighting the path on the way to your hunting property. 

Bonus Article: How to Wire golf Cart Lights 

Shop for light kits that come with detailed, written instructions as well as all of the hardware and wiring harness(es) required to install the lights. This provides a higher likelihood that everything will install and fit appropriately, and all of the electrical components will function without issue.

Also look for a switch that is easy to manipulate, and gives clear indication that the power is cut off when you are done. Different types of headlight switches include: push/pull (in and out) switch, toggle (up and down) switch, and toggle switch with "on" indicator light.

If you have additional questions about Golf Cart Lights, make sure to check out this next article where we answer your most Frequently Asked Golf Cart Lights Questions.

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