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Reason You Need a Voltage Reducer for Your Golf Cart - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Reason You Need a Voltage Reducer for Your Golf Cart

A golf cart’s battery acts like any other battery on a vehicle does; it powers all of the necessary systems to keep your cart moving. That can mean supplying power to the engine, the lights, the steering system, and any number of other things that facilitate its continued use. But, based on how much your battery needs to power, you may need a voltage reducer for your golf cart in order for it to work when you need it.

How Does the Voltage Reducer Work?

Your cart has several batteries inside it; these batteries are all stored in the battery pack. When your electronics are being used, they draw power from specific batteries rather than all of them. This means the electrical load is carried by a few of the batteries rather than all of them, leading to those batteries dying prematurely.

Instead, the voltage reducer spreads out the electrical load evenly between all of your batteries, ensuring that not one of them works more than the next. In the long-term, your battery will last longer because the load is being shared evenly between all the batteries, instead of just burning them out quickly, one at a time.

How Much Energy Does Your Cart Need To Draw?

It all comes down to the question: how much power do you need? That is the primary reason you need a voltage reducer for your golf cart. Your energy consumption is dictated by everything in your cart that draws power from the battery, and all those extra accessories can add up.

Know What Is Using Your Energy

If you’re simultaneously using energy to keep your headlights on, keep the radio playing, or keep the engine running, you need to prepare beforehand with a voltage reducer. This is because going too long without a voltage reducer can kill your battery, leading to expenses that you could have avoided otherwise.

Control Your Use of Energy

This energy draw can be mitigated by installing energy-efficient accessories, such as golf cart LED lights, but you need to be aware of how much is energy being used at one time as well. Using too many accessories at one time will overwhelm your cart and cause it to break down. Consider how much every piece needs to be powered and know what your battery can reliably handle.

Would Your Cart Benefit From a Voltage Reducer?

Look at your cart and determine if the battery is being overloaded. If you know that you do not have the accessories installed to hurt your battery, you may not need a reducer. But if you find that you are drawing too much power, do not wait to get one. The longer you go without a reducer, the higher the probability that your cart will break down.

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