Top 3 Golf Cart Upgrades and Accessories

Golf carts are highly customizable machines where you can pick and choose what you want based on how you intend to use it. With a wide range of golf cart parts and accessories, you need to know the most popular cart upgrades available on the market. This article will help you narrow down your search from dozens of options that may not interest you to a handful where you’ll see constant use for.


Windshields don’t come standard with typical golf carts, as their anticipated uses only make them popular on golf courses. But many people find carts appealing for their convenient use as transportation around the neighborhood or around town, making it necessary for carts to have the proper safety features.

Chief among these are windshields, preventing any debris from flinging into the driver as they ride around. It’s a significant hazard to drive without the protection of a windshield, making it one of the first upgrades cart owners should invest in.

Lift Kits

With the wider application for golf carts, owners have grown to love lift kits. These upgrades offer significantly improved suspension, struts, and tires, increasing durability and enabling them to take on rougher terrain. Specialized carts often go off-roading through areas with uneven surfaces, jagged rocks, and thick foliage, and lift kits make it possible to traverse.

With the added height the kit provides, your cart can easily clear objects without the risk of damaging the undercarriage. Lift kits take golf carts from a relatively ill-equipped vehicle to a genuine off-roading machine.

Lighting Kit

Being able to traverse rough ground is one thing, but drivers need to make themselves and their surroundings visible to ensure proper safety. Factory-standard lighting on a cart can be unimpressive and weak, having trouble illuminating at further distances. One of the best golf cart upgrades and accessories includes improved LED lighting for significantly increased visibility.

No matter how dark it may be, LEDs will be able to illuminate whatever you need to drive safely. And with the added bonus of better durability and increased lifespan, LED headlights remain reliable and ready where lesser lights will fail and break.

Prepare Your Cart

Heading off with a factory-standard cart anywhere but the golf range can be a bad idea; these carts won’t be able to guarantee your safety adequately. But customizing your machine with the necessary parts allows you to take your cart wherever you want to go, fully stocked and ready for whatever may come. Know how you intend to use the cart and upgrade accordingly.

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