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Golf Cart Parts That Get Replaced the Most Often

The word repairs often send chills down peoples’ spins. Folks automatically think cha-ching when they hear it. Golf cart owners definitely don’t want the term in their vocabularies because they use the vehicles for leisure and convivence. Who wants that convivence to stop while the ride is in the shop? This article will discuss various golf cart parts that get replaced the most often, so folks can watch for potential problems. The sooner people notice issues, the less likely they’ll be without their ride for a long time.

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Golf cart owners frequently have to replace their batteries because they overcharge them. People may not think twice about leaving their cart plugged in overnight. Yet, this action can cause irreparable damage because the vehicles need to be unplugged once they’re fully charged. When a battery is charged too much, it’ll lose power more quickly. Thus, drivers could find themselves stuck in the road after a short trip they could easily make before. Folks can avoid having to replace the battery by only charging the cart within its recommended timeframe.


The lights are another golf cart part that gets replaced the most often. Replacement is typically needed when owners keep the lights on instead of turning them off. Drivers should be mindful of how often they’re using their cart’s lights. Obviously, people should keep them on at night, so they can see where they’re going. However, there’s no point in turning them on during a sunny day. Anyone who does need a replacement should check out Golf Cart Stuff’s selection of golf cart LED lights. Our lighting kits are incredibly bright, so folks can see everything while they’re on the road.


A golf cart’s seating bench usually sees a lot of wear and tear. After all, everyone wants to hop on and ride when they see a golf cart cruising around. Since so many tooshies sit down on the seats, the fabric can rip or get stained rather easily. To avoid having to purchase a new seating bench, owners should wipe down the material after every ride. Performing preventative maintenance will prolong the cart’s life and give it a fresh look.

No one ever wants to deal with cart repairs. Yet, golfers will find themselves in this situation if they don’t take care of these vehicles. Owners should follow this advice if they want to avoid a massive headache in the future.

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