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Golf Cart Accessories | The Top 6 Performance Upgrades - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Accessories | The Top 6 Performance Upgrades

Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Writer

Written by: Amber Ripley

Read Time: 5 minutes


When adding accessories to your golf cart, the options are virtually limitless. Nowadays, cart owners are faced with an overwhelming range of products that perform all kinds of different functions for the cart, from performance to appearance... even that "extra stuff" that really isn't necessary, but you still have to have it. 

Golf Cart Accessories for performance, appearance, and everything else!

If you want to add a new product to your golf cart, having a little guidance about what the accessories will actually do can go a long way. That's where your trusted friends at Golf Cart Stuff™ come in. For this article, we break down our most popular performance golf cart accessories and how they can set the tone for the rest of your rebuild. 

All of these golf cart parts are available for the major brands: Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha-- and some of the accessories can even be used with other golf carts, such as Icon EV, Star EV, and more!

Golf Cart Stuff™ and our family of brands is your trusted one-stop shop for the broadest range of premium Golf Cart Accessories on the market today.


Off-Road Golf Cart Accessories to Pimp Out Your Golf Cart

Unlike cosmetic golf cart accessories, which alter the cart's appearance, functional accessories are products that primarily change how your golf cart performs. These accessories can do anything from increasing speed, giving the ability to carry more passengers, or making your golf cart safer. 

Golf Cart Parts and Golf Cart Accessories

The Top 6 Functional Golf Cart Accessories

  1. Wheels & Tires

  2. Light Kits

  3. Windshields

  4. Rear Flip Seats

  5. Lift Kits

  6. Lithium Batteries

    How can I pimp out my golf cart?

    Wheels and Tires

    The golf cart accessory that most blurs the lines between functional and cosmetic accessories is wheels and tires. Golf cart wheels have come a long way from your standard white hub, and you can now choose from various styles and colors- almost as much as you can with a regular road vehicle. New tires and wheels will undoubtedly add flair and flash to your golf cart. However, even with their cosmetic benefit, wheels and tires still fall well within the "functional" category. Adding a new set of wheels and tires can make handling and driving your golf cart much more enjoyable. Whether pursuing enhanced grip and traction for extreme off-road performance or increasing your golf cart's top speed and driving comfort, the expert Wheels and Tires Team at GCS™ has curated the perfect selection for you. 

    Golf Cart Light Kit

    Light Kits

    If golf cart safety is top of mind, you will want to add some lighting to your cart. With basic and street-legal options, golf cart lights take the worry and the danger out of driving your golf cart at night or in low visibility. 

    Lights make seeing and being seen easy and let you operate your cart much more safely. Light kits from Golf Cart Stuff™ are available in basic and street-legal varieties, giving you flexibility in your purchase depending on your wants and needs.

    Impact-Resistant Fold-Down Golf Cart Windshield

    Golf Cart Windshields

    A golf cart windshield will add some much-needed weather protection and make driving your cart in less-than-ideal weather much more comfortable. 

    The most common windshields for golf carts are the "fold-down" style. This design delivers versatility in your driving mode so you can quickly and easily switch between an open and closed view, depending on the weather and your preference. 

    GCS™ Clearview™ windshields come in your choice of clear or tinted finishes and standard or impact-resistant strengths. Available for all major models of EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts, windshields are easy to install and allow you to get back to driving your golf cart in minutes.

    Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat

    Rear Flip Seats

    Adding a rear seat to your golf cart removes the dilemma of carrying more cargo or additional passengers. Golf Cart Flip Rear Seats will replace the sweater basket on your golf cart and add an extra cargo tray and another row of seating

    Rear seats conventionally come in a more economical style (just the seat, no bells or whistles) and a more luxurious style (upgraded cushions, armrests, cup holders, etc.) Because of the versatile options and features, rear seats continue to be one of the top-selling golf cart accessories.

    6-inch Golf Cart Lift Kits from GCS

    Golf Cart Lift Kits

    An absolute necessity for the owner looking to take their golf cart off-road, a lift kit is a great addition when looking to add additional height and clearance to your golf cart. 

    Golf cart lift kits come in various sizes, specifications, and design styles, so you can tailor your purchase to your preferences and operating environment. 

    Although they take some basic mechanical know-how to install, lift kits will completely change the game of where you drive your golf cart. 

    With a lift kit, rocks, roots, and other small debris will pose no threat to the golf cart's undercarriage! 

    Most importantly, adding a lift kit will open you up to many more options for those wheels and tires we mentioned earlier.

    Golf Cart Lithium Battery - UNO Golf Cart Batteries

    Lithium Batteries

    Few parts and accessories are as crucial to your golf cart as your batteries, especially if you own an electric golf cart. Although lead-acid batteries are still available for sale, lithium is hands down the way to go. The new lithium batteries provide outstanding power output as well as battery life. 

    Unlike standard lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries offer consistent performance throughout the whole battery charge cycle. Similar to how your smartphone works, a lithium battery will function the same in your cart whether you have 100% charge or 2% charge. 

    These unique features make adding a lithium battery to your cart something to seriously consider for optimal, reliable performance.

    Add functional golf cart accessories before adding cosmetic accessories

    Stay tuned for the next article in this accessories series: 
    The Best Cosmetic Accessories to Customize Your Golf Cart


    Add FunctionalGolf Cart Accessories First

    We hope by now it is clear that focusing your attention and intention on upgrading your golf cart's functionality and performance is of the utmost importance. 

    Investing in the best performance golf cart accessories for your journey lays a foundation to upgrade your golf cart's appearance, with the confidence that you have a robust and functional base to build around.

    We Want to Hear from You!

    Leave your questions or comments below, and suggest what you'd like to see us cover in the future. Until then, Happy Driving! 


    Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Writer Amber Ripley

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