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Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf cart with a lift kit and 23" all-terrain golf cart tires

Lift Kits For Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha Golf Carts

Available For The Following Models

Club Car:DS | Precedent | Tempo / Onward

EZGO:TXT | RXV | Marathon

Yamaha: G2 |G8 |G9 |G14 |G16 |G19 | G20 |G22 |G29 (Drive) | Drive2

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Our selection of golf cart lift kits is second to none! With over 100 different golf cart lift kit options you can easily find the right lift kit for your golf cart! In addition, our on-page filtering makes sorting through lift kits quick and easy.

We understand the importance of a well-running golf cart. That’s why the durable golf cart lift kits for sale at GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™ are carefully vetted to provide the support you want and need. Whether you want a small 3" boost or want to ride high on 6", we provide an array of kits so you can choose exactly what you need. We also carry a variety of styles to customize your lift kit purchase perfectly to your riding application. Shop now to find the perfect lift kit! 

If you need help determining which lift kits is best for your cart, check out our golf cart Lift Kit Guide.

If you are having problems with a golf cart lift kit and it producing uneven wear and tear on your tires, check out our golf cart alignment guide.

Whether you own a golf cart for personal, leisure, or business purposes, you may be wondering what else your stock model EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha Golf Cart could have to offer in the way of comfort, style, ability, etc. While there are plenty of aftermarket golf cart accessories to choose from, there is a lot to be said about doing your research and investing in the right products at the right time.

It can be difficult to know where to begin since the options can be overwhelming. Installing a suspension lift kit gives your cart an excellent foundation to build on, as many other performance-enhancing accessories benefit from lifting the cart. Stay with us as we explain the three key reasons your golf cart needs a lift kit.

Golf Cart Lift Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Types of golf cart lift kits

There are four main types of golf cart lift kits:

  • Block lift kits
    • Block lift kits are usually the easiest to install and involve the addition of spacer blocks onto your existing suspension.
  • Spindle lift kits
    • Spindle lift kits replace the spindles that attach from the wheel hub to the control arms of the cart.
  • Drop axle lift kits
    • Completely replaces the front axle of the golf cart. Only available for EZGO TXT and EZGO Marathon carts.
  • A-arm lift kits
    • Complete replaces the front end of your golf cart. A more heavy duty and reinforced version of the spindle lift kit.
  • Long travel lift kits
    • Long travel lift kits are the most heavy duty lift kits available for your cart. Completely replacing your front end components, "long travel" refers to how much movement you have in the suspension components.

How much is a golf cart lift kit?

Golf cart lift kits can range in price from as little as $50 to as much as $1500. The price is going to depend on three important factors: the lift kit size, the lift kit style, and the manufacturer. As a general rule of thumb, the price of golf cart lift kits will increase in the following manner:

  • Block Lift Kit ($)
  • Spindle Lift Kit ($$)
  • Drop Axle ($$)
  • A-arm Lift Kit ($$$)
  • Long Travel Lift Kit ($$$$)

Lift Kit Benefits

Improved Suspension / More Comfort

Need we say more?
Stock golf carts are intended to navigate paved pathways and delicately manicured fairways… and they are perfect for that... but there’s an entire world out there, and you should explore it - comfortably. Not to mention, if you ever plan on taking your golf cart off-road, a lift kit will smooth out the ride regardless of the driving surface.

There are a few different styles of lift kits on the market right now, and while they all serve the same general purpose – to lift the vehicle – you should check out our extensive lift kit guide, where we break down all the features and applications for the different types of lift kits and help you choose the one that will best suit your cart’s needs. Even if you don’t plan on off-roading, you’ll find that upgrading your suspension will make even daily drives so much more enjoyable and relaxing. If you’re looking to improve the drivability of your cart, even if just to the mailbox and back, an upgraded suspension can completely change how it handles.

Larger Tires / More Exploring

Not only can your ride around the subdivision be as smooth as butter, you can also enjoy that comfort on many off-road surfaces, and look great while you roll!

We’re all familiar with the standard 8-inch golf cart tire (the smaller, less appealing relative to that donut tire our daily drivers come equipped with). Whether in functionality or appearance, these stock tires leave a great deal to be desired by the golf cart owner who dares to explore more than the confines of their local golf club.

Whether on-road or off-roadstyle, medium-to-large tire sizes will require the addition of a lift kit to provide the extra undercarriage space necessary to keep your new larger tires from rubbing against the cart and causing potential damage.

You may not have many issues getting around if you’re strictly using your cart at a golf club or a freshly paved walkway. However, if you like to explore a little deeper into the great outdoors- trails, beaches, campgrounds, farms, woods, etc. and go faster while doing so, you’re going to want to consider something a bit more aggressive… and we have the perfect wheel and tire combinations to handle any terrain! It may seem daunting to ensure you get the right combination of tires/wheels/lift, but don’t fret! Golf Cart Stuff™created a simple reference guide to determine which suspension lift kit/wheel and tire combination will work best for your EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha golf cart.

And if ever you’re unsure about anything, please call our expert team. We're in-house and more than happy to assist.

Increased Clearance / More Off-Road

While the added clearance from a lift kit is required for larger tires to get you off-road in the first place, you’ll also need that extra clearance to navigate any obstacles you may encounter on your off-road journey. Sticks, rocks, roots, and other natural obstacles could leave your cart trapped or severely damage your cart’s undercarriage, and that could be detrimental.

With a lift kit from GolfCartStuff™, you will achieve the extra clearance you need to safely rise above the obstacles in your path and cruise through challenging terrain with confidence and comfort!

Now that we’ve covered the three main reasons your golf cart needs a lift kit, you can see how this is the perfect entry-level component to modify. Whether it’s Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha, your cart was manufactured for small tires, slow speeds, and smooth, unobstructed travel surfaces (AKA, golf courses). Check out the selection above to find suspension lift kits compatible with every major manufacturer to have your cart riding high and smooth in no time.

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