EZGO Golf Cart Parts

GOLFCARTSTUFF carries thousands of EZGO parts and EZ-GO Golf Cart Accessories for your cart. EZ-GO has been producing wonderful carts since 1954 (the longest running golf cart brand). We stock EZGO Marathon Parts, EZGO TXT Parts, EZGO RXV Parts and more, so that your cart stays running in tip-top shape! Keep your cart running strong by ordering parts from GOLFCARTSTUFF today!


EZGO has been producing top-quality, nationally-recognized golf carts for fleets and personal vehicles since 1954. From hospitality golf carts to all-terrain personal golf carts, EZGO makes functional and affordable vehicles for the true golf cart enthusiast. Whether you're looking to fix up your cart, add on a feature or repair a broken part, GOLFCARTSTUFF has the biggest selection of EZGO golf cart parts on the web.

Tuning up your golf cart can be a fun hobby if you have the right parts. We do our best to keep our best-sellers in stock for our customers. If you can't find something, give us a call and we will find it for you.

We provide EZGO Golf Cart Parts for the following cart models:

  • Freedom RXV, Freedom TXT
  • Shuttle 2+2 RXV, Shuttle 2+2 TXT
  • Terrain 250, Terrain 1000, Terrain 1500
  • Express L4, Express L6, Express S4, Express S6

Once you've upgraded the exterior of your EZGO vehicle, check out our extensive selection of EZGO Golf Cart Accessories and give your buggy a unique look.

If you're looking to buy new EZGO golf cart parts you are in the best place online to do it! We have EZGO parts for sale for all EZGO model types and model years, both gas and electric. EZGO parts can be confusing, because issues with your EZGO golf cart aren't always obvious. But we are here to help! Our expert team has 20+ years experience working with EZGO golf carts, and unbeatable customer service to go along with it.


EZGO golf carts are known for their quality design and reliability since all the way back in the 1950s - and are the golf cart brand of choice for many of the most prestigious golf courses in the world! While EZ-GO golf cars are great for the golf course, they can be used and enjoyed for all sorts of other driving activities, recreation and light transportation. Because these golf carts have been around so long (and are used in many different situations) they tend to have components and parts fail over time from the stresses or regular use!

Fuel Pump for 1991-1994.5 EZ-GO Marathon Gas Model Golf Carts
$ 64.95
$ 44.95
Fuel Pump for2008-Current EZ-GO RXV Gas Model Golf Carts
$ 103.95
$ 73.95
Fuel Pump for 1994-Current EZ-GO TXT / Medalist Gas Model Golf Carts
$ 74.95
$ 53.95
Universal Brush Set for Club Car and EZ-GO Gas Model Golf Carts
$ 98.95
$ 85.95
Shock Absorber for 1979-1986 EZ-GO Medalist Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 56.95
$ 39.95
Wheel Hub Caps for 1980-2001 EZ-GO Golf Carts
$ 104.95
$ 72.95
Brake Cable Set for 1994-CUrrent EZ-GO TXT/Medalist Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 40.95
$ 34.95
Driver Side Brake Cabel for the 1989 EZ-GO Marathon Electric Model Golf Cart
$ 39.95
$ 27.95
Passenger Side Brake Cable for 1988-1989 EZ-GO Marathon Gas and Electric model Golf Carts
$ 60.95
$ 42.95
Driver Side Brake Cable for 1990-1992 EZ-GO Marathon Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 64.95
$ 44.95
Driver Side Brake Cable for 2008-UP EZ-GO RXV Gas Model Golf Cart
$ 82.95
$ 49.95
Club Car Precedent Aluminum Front Hub Kit (Years 2004-Up)
$ 100.95
$ 71.95
Front Hub with Bearing Races for 2001-Current EZ-GO TXT & Medalist Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 154.95
$ 99.95
Front Hub with Bearing Races for 1976-2001.5 EZ-GO Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 90.95
$ 63.95
Front Hub Replacement for EZ-GO RXV 2008-Current Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 118.95
$ 83.95
Rear Hub Replacement for EZ-GO RXV 2008-Current Gas and Electric Model Golf Carts
$ 88.95
$ 62.95
Carburetor Assembly for 2008-UP EZ-GO RXV Golf Cart Sold out
$ 107.95
$ 74.95
Sold out
2-Cycle Carburetor for 1982-1987 EZ-GO Gas Model Golf Cart
$ 84.95
$ 69.95
Carburetor for EZ-GO 1996-2000 Golf Carts
$ 80.95
$ 67.95
EZ-GO Gas 4-Cycle Timing Belt (Years 1991-Up)
$ 15.95
$ 12.95

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